India SatCom-2015 is the premier event in satellite communications in India in 2015


Snapshots: IPTV Society (BIF) 7th AGM and round table discussion on Satellite for Broadband


     Guest Column


Business Projections for IPTV
by Shyamal Ghosh

Mobile TV Is India ready?
by D P S Seth


1. International Telecommunication Union
2. Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
3. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
4. Department of Telecommunications, India
5. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


The Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

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IPTV covers both live TV (multicasting) as well as stored video (Video on Demand VOD). The playback of IPTV requires either a personal computer or a set-top box connected to a TV. Video content is typically compressed using either a MPEG-2 or a MPEG-4 codec and then sent in an MPEG transport stream delivered via IP Multicast in case of live TV or via IP Unicast in case of Video on Demand. IP Multicast is a method in which information can be sent to multiple computers at the same time. The newly released (MPEG-4) H.264 codec is increasingly used to replace the older MPEG-2 codec.


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Why IPTV at this stage?
Regulatory Intervention
Former Secretary, DoT heads IPTV Society
  Shri Shyamal Ghosh, Rtd. IAS, Former Adm. USO Fund, and Chairman, Telecom Commission, Secretary, Dept. of Telecom has Co-Founded and Chaired IPTV Society.
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